As you may have gathered NTSpeaks.com is a new start up collaboration. Despite which we are established on an international basis with contributors and collaborators from the blogosphere, international authors  and individuals from across a whole range of professions.

Our aim is to promote the Neurodivergent perspective in all areas of life. We also aim to poke fun at the establishment and promote a healthy debate on established practices and wisdom in relation to all things autistic across the whole spectrum.

However, keeping a fun side to the business of information provision is a priority so please understand that although some of the stuff we might post or tweet about is intentionally humorous and irreverent, this does not mean that we are in any way not committed to the core objective of promoting the neurodivergent agenda.

We believe that promoting debate on relevant subjects which affect the lives of people on the spectrum is essential in order to give people the information and perspectives needed to help them decide what is right for them.


When we state that we speak for the whole spectrum what we actually mean is that we are here to give the whole spectrum a way of being heard and seen. This includes for example promoting and signposting autistic writers and artists which we take great pride in being able to do. Signposting sources of information and guidance, informative and fun twitter accounts. In fact if it’s web related and autistic relevant we want to know about it and will help to make sure everyone else knows about it.

By the way, we are developing this web site “on the fly” and would actively encourage suggestions and ideas for inclusion in the web sites design. Please feel free to tweet or email us with whatever you have.

Best Regards


AKA webmaster@ntspeaks.com


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